About Us

Outreach Media Services Pvt. Ltd (OMSPL) was incorporated on March 6, 2007.

The objective of the company is to provide novel products and professional services in the field of Media & Entertainment.


WE ->


  • Are a Diverse group of people

  • Unconventional in our outlook

  • Innovative in our approach

  • Varied in our inspiration

  • Synergistic in our work

  • Commit ourselves to your case

  • Commit ourselves to pragmatic results

  • Commit ourselves to APT  solutions

  • Commit ourselves to long term relationships

  • Believe in the sanctity of our work and ensure your best interest primarily help you grow your business using better communication aids

  • Creating communication tools including Video and Digital

  • Brand Building and Positioning

  • Content Creation and Management

  • Media Engagement

  • Customer Profiling

We Work in

Following Areas

Line Production of Feature/ Documentary/ Corporate Films

Concept Films

Marketing & Sales Films


Intercompany Films

Corporate Branding

Induction Films

Educational Films

Documentary Films

Training and Safety Films

Capability Videos

EVP [Employee Value Proposition]

Corporate Films, Documentary Films & Branding

We have an out n out a very disciplinary unit totally dedicated to catering corporate real-life documentation assignments. We have few corporate film producers and executers on board, for them making film is equivalent to finding out problem areas in the company and finding out the solutions in creative way. We are known for following deadlines, giving quality results and for unique positioning of company brand in the crowded and ever-growing corporate world.

The company is already exposed to the global standards and catering few leading brands known globally and production houses spread across the globe.

Story Tellers

In the field of entertainment and storytelling we ‘Outreach Media Services Pvt. Ltd’ are working on couple of feature films as line producers, we take up jobs as a turn-key contract and we abide the assignment from scratch to presentations. So far we have successfully completed six feature films with socio-eco gain and few acclamations. Today producers look at the company as an assurance and trust which is being built in the market.

Creating Communication Tools

Creating Communication Tools (Video & Digital ) In today world, communication has become one of the most integral parts of our life. Communication tools are being modified and updated time to time to result in better understandings and good interaction. We believe that Creating Communication Tools specifically Video & Digital results to the betterment of our client. Studying the proper needs of our client and designing the respective tool which will benefit them in a beautiful way in one of our basic aims

Media Engagement

Media Engagement is process of understanding the behaviour of Social Media Marketing based audience done of the Marketing Professionals. We provide you with a strategic planning construct metrics and measurements play a crucial role in the development and improvement those tactics and strategies.

Brand Building and Positioning

“Brand” in one of the most commonly used term in this century. Every brand has a group of committed customers connected to them.

We understand the value of your brand and its consumers and look for the various other fields of possibilities in which the brand can enhance itself and help building the brand which will help in retaining the committed consumers and attract new ones.

Brand Positioning is ensuring a common aim to all the brand activity. We study the uniqueness and distinctiveness in your brand against the competitors, how appropriate it is to all major geographic markets and businesses and how it is helpful for the organisation to achieve its financial goal.

Sectors We Work in

Agriculture and Mining

Business Services

Computer and Electronics

Consumer Services


Energy and Utilities

Financial Services


Health, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotech



Real Estate and Construction


Software and Internet


Transportation and Storage

Travel Recreation and Leisure

Wholesale and Distribution

    Akshay Thombare

    Execution is the key to the success of great strategies. Akshay provides an able backup for the Strategic team with seamless execution.

      Pawan Shetty

      India is the youngest country in the world with the largest population of Youth. Pawan, Is a representative of this particular market

        Amit Abhyankar

        Amit brings in that ability to consider the impact of a certain strategy in the Macro-sense, thus making our solutions error proof

          Madhavi Todkar

          Knowledge blended with strength & humble personality she moulds herself according to the project & efficiently completes the tasks

            Mandaar Godse

            Mandar is our Eye for Detail has a strong analytical mind & challenges the solutions we offer in all aspects to make sure there's no error

              Shreyas Indapurkar

              Another member of the execution team! What makes Shreyas a perfect execution member is his experience in mentoring actors.

                Sanket Deshpande

                An outdoor expert, a traveler, a budding vlogger is working in the Audio-visual field for over 5 years.

                  Chaitanya Kulkanri

                  Chaitanya has been writing & working in Audio-Visual Productions for over 8 years. He has written & Directed a regional Marathi travel show.

                    Asmi Aychute

                    Asmi is the fact-finder of our team. Identifying the exact point of conflict or the weakest link in the chain is her forte.


                      Yogesh is our Philosophical Guru. He brings to the table the Gyan that tells us why our strategies should and will work.

                      10 + 10 =

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                      Patwardhn Baug,  Erandwane, Pune 411004

                       Phone: +91 992-1110-400/500/600/700/800

                      Nothing is impossible When Media Joins Hands with Human Spirit.